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"Greetings, I would like to wish everyone happiness and peace.

I will be on leave until January 2014.

Robb will continue to offer readings. I invite and encourage you to give yourselves the opportunity to schedule with Robb. We continue to receive very positive feedback from those who have already met with him and he is quickly becoming a very popular and sought after psychic." Click here to visit his page and contact him.

I look forward to seeing you in 2014.

Love and Peace,


Seha has been providing professional psychic readings for 30 years. She first became aware of her gifts at an early age. Seha is Native American and was inspired and mentored by her Comanche grandfather, she has spent her life studying and learning how to use her psychic abilities to enrich the lives of people who seek her guidance and advice. Seha has also worked as a professional counselor and holds a state license to practice independently in the field of behavioral health. She will provide you with messages and help in developing positive ways to face the challenges you are experiencing.

Seha  believes that life is most successful when we tune into and understand our heart, mind and most especially our souls. Once we listen and understand the intuitive expression of the soul, we begin to experience our journey on earth in a more peaceful, loving and compassionate way.

Seha utilizes her abilities as an empath, clairaudient and clairsentient to deliver messages from the  angels and  guides who surround us. Seha will always provide answers that will help you  make better decisions by learning to understand yourself and those important in your life. She is committed to compassionate, honest readings unique to the seekers individual needs.

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