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Individual Readings
30 Minute / $65.
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60 Minute/ $105.
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2 E-mail Questions Answered / $45.
Be Specific. Allow 24-hour response.
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Couples Readings
60 Minute Session / $130.
In Person Only.
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Readings are charged $10 for every fifteen minutes beyond scheduled session.
Please note: Telephone readings will need to be paid in advance of reading.
Call for information.

Spiritual Counseling Session
60 Minute/ $130.
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An individual confidential session to help you gain confidence and grounding. Discover ways to help you cope and deal with decisions and life challenges you are facing.

Cleansing and Clearing of Negative Energy
Home cleansing (smudging)* / $105.
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Individual Cleansing / $ 55
** includes crystals and white sage with explanation of how to continue healing on your own
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* This is what is normally called "smudging" by Native Americans. Smudging clears negative, harmful energy and helps in balancing and calming the environment you live in. Smudging is performed by me according to my tribal teachings.

**  I use white sage and sweet grass. An eagle feather or hawk feather is used to fan or clear the energy around you. I also can advise you on how to perform this simple yet powerfully healing ritual at no additional cost.

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